Holiday Special Beverages – Starbucks — Reviewed!

'Keep Calm and Drink Coffee' is the mantra to kickstart my day. Call for a good coffee and Starbucks is there. I am so amazed with all the new innovative and scrumptious drink they have come up with. Be it The Mocha Ribbon Chip Frappuccino, The Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino or The Roasted Nut Triple Mocha, each of them had a distinctive flavours.

The town is painted red with those red cups offered in winters! Totally Christmas feeling. Starbucks have now introduced an exciting range of holiday offerings like the Christmas favourites
  • Toffee Nut Crunch Latte,
  • Mocha Praline Latte, 
  • The Red Hat Mocha
  • Christmas Cookie Latte and 
  • Decadent Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese . I tried all of those. 

All the beverages are available in Hot, Iced and Frappuccino® versions.

Starting with the Red Hat Mocha which is a decadent mix of cocoa and strawberry flavours. Red Hat as the name implies is the strawberry drizzle over the velvety whipped cream along with the chocolate whipped cream. Not only is this coffee a treat to eyes but also a party in the mouth. I loved its Frappuccino version the most!

Freshly brewed latte with steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and spiced praline crumbs combined to make Mocha Praline Latte. Had it in the hot version and it was equally good. Along side, I tried my hands on the Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese. It was the best carrot cake I had tried. It was fluffy, moist, warm and went perfectly with my cuppa!

Couldn't get over those coffees so ordered yet another winter special Frappuccino – Toffee Nut Crunch Latte – A freshly steamed latte with toffee nut syrup and crunchy toffee sprinkles. How sinful it can be! The froth, crunchy sprinkles, latte is just so wow!

Last but not the least, Christmas Cookie Latte was a buttery creamy latte infused with shortbread cookie sauce, topped with whipped cream, shortbread cookie drizzle and butter cookie crumbles. I just could not stop gorging over this cup. It contained eggs so make your choice. Tasted great though. Full on holiday mood on! :)

Adding on to the holiday spirits, Starbucks invites customers to #ShareJoy with their loved ones through a special offer at all stores only in Pune with effect from 5th December, 2016 till 4th January, 2017 - 2 Short Cappuccinos / 2 Short Lattes with a delicious Butter Croissant / Cookie at Rs 200 + taxes, the perfect combination to celebrate the season’s spirit.

#Sharejoy offer was just fantastic. I tried 2 Lattes with the Butter Croissant which was served with Raspberry jam. Regular Latte Cups with the flaky, buttery fresh croissant was heavenly. The thick layer of jam on buttered croissant was delightful.

I am in love with those red cups. What about you? Share your experience in the comment box below Till then, take care and drink coffee! Hehehe!


  1. Beautifully written Megha ... Will definitely try when around

  2. Thank you so much Arpit :) I'm glad you liked it. Yes, so try them..I'm sure you'll like it.

  3. What is the price Megha?

    1. So sorry to not have mentioned the price! This post is a year old and am not aware about the price. Will keep in mind to put the prices! :)


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