Two new fun drinks at Starbucks – Popzel and Irish Cream Coffee Frappuccino! — Reviewed!

"Coffee - A liquid hug to your brain", truly said. When all you need is coffee to get you going. I love my coffees at Starbucks which is just like my second home - a place for work, meetings, write-ups, book-reading along with good cuppa and scrumptious small treats. They have always been on a prowl to surprise their patrons by introducing new drinks like Teavana range, Roasted Nut Triple Mocha, Cookie Crumble Mocha Frappuccino, Ribbon Chip Mocha, or the holiday special beverages. I have tried all and always have been a fantastic experience.

This month they have come up with the two new exciting flavours...
  • The Pop’Zel Frappuccino
  • The Irish Cream Coffee Frappuccino
The Pop'Zel Frappuccino is one of its kind sweet and bit savoury concoction with a deadly combination of the coffee with popcorn and pretzel syrup topped with sinfully yummy whipped cream and real caramalized popcorn and pretzel to give the crunchy, salty texture. It is a fantastic cross between Popcorn and Pretzel. With the first sip, this beverage offers an experience like no other. The finest touch of delicious whipped cream and caramel drizzle adds to the taste. Though I wish it had more of caramel popcorn. I love 'em.

Another fun twist on a classic coffee beverage infused with unexpected ingredients is the Irish Cream Coffee Frappuccino. This too is my favourite because of the rich espresso. Rich, creamy coffee infused with rich Irish Cream flavor, then topped with fluffy espresso whipped cream and finely ground espresso powder. Each sip was pure indulgence. I could have it and sip for hours just to feel it. Just WOW! You can get both of these flavours in hot, cold and iced.

Really looking forward for more such new and exciting flavours.