Mandarin and Mircchi – Asian bhi, Indian bhi — Reviewed!

Going out with family and friends and groups is fun but the first question is what to eat? Some like Indian while others like Chinese. Finally, a place, Mandarin and Mircchi, wherein patrons can enjoy food with their loved ones without compromising on their interests. The tagline itself says, Asian Bhi. Indian Bhi. The restaurant is the brand new concept by The Chocolate Spoon Pvt. Ltd which also have other three successful brands in Pune - The Sassy Spoon, Sassy Teaspoon and Baraza Bars and Bites. In fact, M&M (Mandarin and Mircchi) is right adjacent to the Baraza

Life Size human Figure cut outs in Asian and Indian attire is the first thing you'll notice at the entrance. The small little pastry shop, The Sassy Teaspoon also shares the space at Mandarin and Mircchi where you can get an assortment of lovely delicacies. Quite eccentric Asian-inspired interiors with intricately used origami structures. Two prominent walls have Origami Peacock and dragon murals to depict the theme and cuisines served. The ambiance is warm and inviting with simple restaurant style seating and brick undertones to add to the casual, stylish vibe. Slow, mellow music adds on to the vibes.

Menu:: There are two separate menus – Mandarin (Asian) and Mircchi (Indian). Tempuras, Kung Pao, Dumplings, Bao, Stir-fried Veggies, Mushroom pot, Burnt Garlic Rice, Thai Curry, Hakka Noodles, Khow-suey are some of the featured dishes on the Mandarin menu while Mircchi or Indian menu had a variety of Chaats, Kebabs, Curries, Biryanis.
I was pretty excited for tasting the food. Following are the dishes, I tried...
  • Carrot and Turnip Cake (5/5)
  • Three Style Mushroom Dimsum (5/5)
  • Vegetable and Chive Dimsum (4/5)
  • Veg Bao (4/5)
  • Dahi Ke Kebabs (4.5/5) 
  • Sabzi ke Seekh K.5ebabs (4/5)
  • Mushroom Pot (4/5)
  • Dingri Paneer (4/5) 
  • Dal Makhni (4/5)
  • Butter Roti (4/5)
  • Rabdi Mousse with Saffron Sauce (4/5)
  • Chocolate Brownie (5/5)
  • Flourless Chocolate Cake with Basil Ice-cream (4.5/5)
The best best best ever dish I had in longest time was the unusual savory Carrot and Turnip Cake. This deep fried was crunchy from outside and soft from inside, a melt in mouth snack. Served with chilli garlic sauce, this cake is basically a Chinese dim sum made of shredded carrot and turnip topped with loads of fried garlic and spring onions. Highly Highly Recommended!

Next on the table was the Three Style Mushroom Dimsum. The Dimsum was made with purple cabbage to give it that attractive color and was filled with three types of mushrooms - Oyster, Shitake, and Button, fried in truffle oil with some garlic. It was very flavourful. Recommended!

Yellow colored Vegetable and Chive Dumpling was also interesting, Stuffed with water chestnut, carrot, celery with garlic chives.The outer covering was thin and tastes best when served hot.

We also tried simple Veg Bao. I am not a fan of bao, and the one we ordered too was a classic one. Chewy, steamed buns were filled with mock meat, water-chestnuts, and asparagus. Best part? The filling was generous.

From the Mircchi (Indian) menu, we chose Dahi ke Kebabs. Savouring taste of hung curd with subtle spices, this dish is basically from Awadh. I loved the kebabs, they just melted in the mouth. Highly Recommended!

Usually, the veg seekh kebabs are dry, but the ones we had here, Sabzi ke seekh kebabs were nicely made. Assorted veggies with aromatic spices blended together to make this scrumptious dish.

Mushroom Pot looked appealing, so called for one. As the name says, Shitake, oyster and cloud ear with glass noodles, this was one meal in itself. Love the texture, consistency and the spiciness. Recommended!

For the mains, we opted for Dingri Paneer, Dal Makhani and Butter Roti (but was given Naan instead). Dingri Paneer was a delectable pairing between Paneer and Mushrooms cooked into rich, thick tomato gravy. Medium spiced with slight gravy, the dish went well with the bread. Dal Makhani was slightly different as it had the 'smoky' flavour and was served with white butter. The dal was thick, rich and creamy and was unusually good. Do not expect the authentic taste though!

Desserts were the most awaited part. Tried the most talked Rabdi Mousse; frankly, I am not a rabdi person, so can't comment much but it was luscious, creamy and rich to be served with the saffron sauce.

The star dessert for me was the Chocolate Brownie served with Vanilla bean Ice-cream. Fudgy, chocolatey, freshly made brownie was topped with superbly creamy vanilla ice-cream. Loved it to the core. So sinful. Highly Recommended!

Last but not the least, the Flourless Chocolate Cake with Basil ice-cream. It had chocolate and cocoa which made it rich. Chocolate lovers will surely adore this dessert. Though Brownie stole the show for me.

So, next time, whenever you planning an eat-out with the family who loves Asian and Indian, you know where to head. Also, the small confectionery shop, Sassy Teaspoon is there, from where you can purchase macaroons, pastries and more to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings.

Do visit the place and let me know your experiences in the comment box. Till then Happy Eating!

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  1. A fusion of my two favorite kinds of food! Some indian and some chinese. This is also great for a group of friends who like different things. Will for sure check this out. Thank you!


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