Abyssinian – Experience the lesser known cuisine – Ethiopian! — Reviewed!

Some places you visit for food and some for drinks but there are certain places which you visit for the overall experience. One of such places is Abyssinian – a fine dine Ethiopian restaurant, under the umbrella of my most favourite brand – Savya Rasa. I was a bit skeptical about the Ethiopian cuisine but trust me you need to visit the place to unbolt the mind block. Basically, you will get the idea of community eating, their culture, concepts, and lifestyle. A small colorful place with antiques, seats and handmade lampshades straight from Ethiopia. Each element has its own story!

Coming on to the food, one, especially Indians, do not need to develop a palate for the Ethiopian Cuisine as the basic spices and preparations are very much similar to our homemade meals. Ethiopian meals are generally served on a single large platter which is shared by the family and guests to build the bond of loyalty and friendship.

There is A La Carte menu as well as 3 pre-set course-wise combo veg and non-veg meals. We chose Baraka (Rs.1199) which includes soups, salads, starters, mains, desserts followed by coffee and also some signatures from the A La Carte. The price is for per person.

Started our meal with the refreshing ginger-cucumber-lemongrass based "Sunny day by the beach" mocktail. Then were served Mandassi, the deep fried dumpling, served with the chutney which was a clear winner!

Before digging the wholesome meal, we tasted the Fir Fir, a warm salad made with tossed injera pieces and onions, garlic, spices, and butter. The salad was extremely delicious. #Highly Recommended!

In the appetizer, we tried our hands on the Ethiopian version of Indian Samosa – Sambosa Lentil, the deep fried parcels of lentils, onions, peppers, and garlic. So delicious. Crisp outside and flavourful inside. Must try!

The platter or Messob is lined with the large pieces of Ethiopian staple bread, Injeera, topped with stews and veggies. The meal is best enjoyed with your hands. Our platter had...
  • Mandassi
  • Adengare Shorba - Kidney Beans Soup (Which I skipped)
  • Timatim Salad - a refreshing classic salad made up of tomatoes, onions and green peppers.
  • Yeduba Wot - A type of curried pumpkin, red onion, garlic and spices. One of my favourites! The mild-spiced mushy stew paired well with the Injera but it was so delicious that you can have it like that only! Highly Recommended!
  • Yedinich Alicha- Curried vegetable stew with carrots, potatoes, onions just like our mixed veg. The subtle taste and beautiful textures. 
  • Fasolia - Caramelized green beans, onions, and carrots. 
  • Ingudy Tibs - Sides had sauteed button mushrooms and onions. It tastes best with Injeera and wot. Loved it. You can munch a bowl of it. So delicious.
  • Shiro- A stew prepared with chickpeas, onion, garlic, and spices. Medium spiced. Loved it!
  • Fried Dumplings - Look-alike spring rolls, the dumplings were prepared with semolina, flour batter and tossed in coffee-honey syrup. It was crunchy, sweet - just the way I like!
  • Baklava - A very healthy version of the regular dessert. Paper-thin layered pastry sheets, coconut powder, shredded nuts and topped with honey. The best part was it was not too sweet!

Concluded our lunch meal over a lot of meaningful conversations, learning culture and traditions of Ethiopia and the best Ethiopian coffee. Lesser did I know, Ethiopia is said to be the birth place of Coffee! Brewed in a terra cotta coffeepot called a jebena over charcoal, poured into identical handle-less cups, and served to everyone. Some Ethiopians might add a bit of sugar (or honey) or salt, or even a dollop of butter. We drank it in three steps – Black Coffee (which offcourse will taste bitter) then adding salt will magically reduce the bitterness and then last step of adding butter. So good. Drinking coffee is a sort of ceremony which is a communal rather than solitary activity.

We were mesmerized by the overwhelming service and the food. In case of any doubts or confusion about the food, the servers are always willing to help and suggest you the best! 

Have you been to Abyssinian yet?

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