Irani Cafes and their history in Pune !

Chai and Omelete- Irani Cafes in Pune

Iranian cafes have been an integral part of Pune's cultural heritage for over a century. Besides their famous chai and bun maska, these cafes have a rich history stemming from the Iranian immigrants who settled in the city. 

Some of the modern cafes in Pune are...
Here’s a rundown of the history and types of Iranian cafes in Pune.


The Iranian cafes in Pune like Yezdan Cafe owe their existence to the Iranian Zoroastrians who fled their homeland during the 19th century to seek refuge in India. In Pune, they began to establish small eateries that offered tea, biscuits, and other snacks. Over time, these cafes evolved, and they started serving meals, Tandoori roti, Chelo kabab, and non-veg dishes.

The traditional Iranian breakfast has 'bread' which is bought fresh everyday. The bread is combined with eggs, cheese, jam, honey, butter and chai. 

Types of Iranian Cafes:

While all Iranian cafes may appear the same, there are subtle differences in terms of their menu and ambiance. Here are the different types of Iranian cafes in Pune:

1. Irani Cafes:

These are the traditional Iranian cafes in Pune like Cafe Goodluck, Vohuman Cafe that have been around for generations. They attract customers with their rustic charm, friendly service, and of course, their signature chai and bun maska. The retro interiors with old-fashioned furniture and decor contribute to their unique ambiance. They also serve a variety of breakfast items like omelets, Akuri with toast, Egg per Edu, etc.

Omelete- Irani Cafes in Pune

Bun Maska - Irani Cafes in Pune

2. Modern Iranian Cafes:

These cafes aim to create a modern and vibrant ambiance for the young generation. They serve a different range of food and drinks to cater to the changing taste of people. From sandwiches, burgers, pizzas to mocktails and iced teas, they have expanded their menu to attract a wider clientele. They also have free Wi-Fi to keep the customers connected.

Irani Cafes in Pune

Menu of Irani Cafe, Pune

Butter Toast - Irani Cafes in Pune

3. Iranian Bakery:

Iranian Bakeries are a popular place for buying freshly baked goods like Shrewsbury biscuits, cakes, Mawa cakes, and other bakery items. They also sell a variety of bread like Tandoori roti, Khameeri roti, Pao, and Bhakri. They have long been a go-to place for families for buying birthday cakes and other bakery items.

Irani Bakery in Pune

Bun Omelete - Irani Cafes in Pune

4. Brun Maska Outlets:

These outlets are a new addition to the Iranian cafe family. They focus mainly on serving a quick bite of bun maska and chai, nothing fancy, and the interiors are not as elaborate as the other Iranian cafes. These outlets were opened to cater to people in a hurry who want to grab something or pair it with their office work.

Vohuman Cafe, Irani Cafe in Pune

Closer look Omelete - Irani Cafe in Pune

Iranian Cafes have a rich history in Pune, and it's amazing to see how they have evolved over time. They have maintained their unique identities and continue to attract a diverse clientele. Whether you want to savour the old world charm of Pune or experience a new-age vibe, Iranian cafes have something for everyone.

Tell me your favourite Iranian Cafe and share your experiences with it. Would love to read from you.

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