Street Food of India - Bhel Puri!

Bhelpuri, Street food of India

Who doesn't love street food? Well, I am no exception, can't resist, when it comes to the delicious, spicy, chatapata, full of flavours food is prepared in front of you. I always wonder how these guys whip up some delicious food in such a small space! Well organised raw material, defined processes to create magic across the small counter or cart is mesmerising for me. Really! 

Indian street food has a wide range of delicacies ranging from Parathas to Bhelpuri to Vada Pav, Sandwich to Dosa to Fafda to Kachori to Poha to Pav Bhaji totally dependent on the location. That is the beauty of our country. Well, in the upcoming posts, not only you will read about all the Street foods from different parts of the country but also how it is prepared and the uniqueness of it. 

Bombay Bhel Puri, Street Food

Today, we will start with the easy to make, slight sweet, tangy, spicy BHEL PURI.

What is Bhel Puri? - Bhel Puri is a popular savoury snack with complex flavours supposed to be originated in Mumbai. It is a type of chaat made with puffed rice, finely chopped tomatoes, onions, potatoes, sev, spicy green chutney and tangy, sweet tamarind chutney garnished with freshly chopped Coriander leaves. 

Bhel Puri is quite popular in the beach areas as it is a go-to munching snack. You can take a stroll alongside the beach and enjoy the Bhel with your friends and family. A very good option for small hunger pangs or even when you want to take light dinner. We often make it at home also - easy to make, delicious on palate and quick to digest. 

Have you tried Bhel Puri? Let me know in the comments section about your experience with street foods of India. Would love to read from you. 

Love and Positivity!