Good Times at 212 All Day Cafe and Bar – Reviewed!

I still remember when 212 All Day was launched and we did the tastings. Trust me that was the most lavish and satisfying one after a really long time. Chef Paul Kinny is generous and creative magician. 212 All Day Cafe and Bar by Bellona Hospitality is really close to my heart. I have seen them growing from the launch of the restaurant to introduction of Sunday Brunch and even Mexican Food Festival. See how the time flies, it is been more than a year and they have came up as the most popular faces in the Phoenix Market City.

With the loyal following and commitment towards offering comfort food and drinks, Chef has curated a new menu, incorporating all feedbacks of the patrons. New additions are more healthy, wholesome and nutritious including preservative free cheese, house-made sauces and pastas from scratch. The whole menu is influenced by global cuisines and is give an interesting twist without losing the basic essence. For example Asian influence can be spotted in Asian Slaw Salad, Teriyaki Salmon Burger, Dark Soy Shrimp. Mexican favourites are Loaded Nachos, Quesadillas, Veg Gringas. You can also relish all day breakfast items like Chicken Bun, Almond French Toast, Waffles, Eggs Benedict, Oats etc.

I started my evening with the Coconut and Corn Bisque. Trust me it was soooo flavourful that you can have enough of it. The strong flavour of coconut with burnt garlic and cilantro was scrumptious. Highly Recommended!

Next on the table was a healthy bowl of Quinoa – a super food. The Quinoa salad bowl had mixed green, cranberries, pomegranate, and crunch of toasted almonds. Overall a hearty bowl of happiness.

Chef Paul offered his version of Caprese. Such a beautiful looking plate. Nice presentation of cheese, oven roasted tomatoes, basil pesto, balsamic dressing. A delicious combo! The slight grilled tomatoes were adding flavours along with the balsamic. It was a fulfilling meal in itself.

Who doesn't love fritters? and best part is when they are healthy. Golden corn and zucchini fritters were next. It is addictive. The crunch of corn, healthy julienne of zucchini and the drizzle of raspberry pepper sauce making it a balanced dish. It was fried to perfection. Taste was amazing.

The hero of the evening was Savoury Baklava. When I first heard Baklava, I thought it has to be sweet. But this was an interesting take. Paper thin pastry flakes filled with kale, leeks, potatoes and topped with caramalized onions. With one bite, the flavours just burst in the mouth. You can feel sweet, spice, tart all in one bite. Yum! Highly Recommended!

No meal is complete without the Pizza. We had Artisanal Veg Pizza with all the goodness of smoked bell peppers, roasted artichokes, Olives, Baby Spinach and Bocconcini. It too did not disappoint. Thin crust base with all the scrumptious toppings and oozing melted cheese was a stellar.

For having a meal at 212 All Day Cafe, you need to have a huge appetite. These were just the starters and I was full. Still, my favourite Ravioli and Risotto were served and I could not control myself but to dig.

Healthy and delicious twist to Ravioli. Beetroot Ricotta Ravioli was awesome. It had sage, brown butter and red onions.

Risotto is love and that too of Porcini and Truffle Oil. Loads of mushrooms and microgreens make this guilt-free. The cheesy, moist, scrumptious balanced dish is a must have.

Could you ever imagine a spaghetti that has no carbs, is gluten free too and is fully loaded with flavours. It is basically a mix of carrot, zucchini, squash, and almond slivers along with olives, micro-greens and sauce. Loved it!

Not to be missed are the desserts. Just pick any and its sorted. I had Baked Peach Cheesecake. It was creamy, rich, airy, fluffy and had all the flavours of stewed peach, cream anglaise alonge with the oreo crunch. 

The smoothie, cheesy, chocolatey Bailey's Brownie Cheesecake gives the wow factor to the end of the meal. Add on Strawberry and peppercorn compote was heaven in a bite. What a wonderful evening!

Guys, please do visit 212 All Day Cafe and Bar, Phoenix Market City and share your experiences here! :) Would love to read from you.