Mango Smoothie Bowl - Healthy, Easy Tropical Breakfast !

Mango Smoothie Bowl - Summer Recipe

 The King of fruits – Mango is here! I just love tropical fruits as the best I can make out of it is Smoothie. Be it Vegan Smoothie Glass or a delicious, colorful and healthy Smoothie Bowl, these fruits are a great choice! 

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Mango Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Summers is all about colors and MANGO...😍🤤 Such a versatile fruit – loved by one and all. Rather I would say, Mango is not a fruit; but an emotion! ♥♥
Can't resist the aroma oozing out of it while ripening or cutting.The taste lingers in your mouth for the whole day. There are so many memories attached to eating mangoes in the childhood. Ooh! I am bursting of emotions! 🤣

You can make Mango Smoothie, Mango Aamras, Mango Mastani, Mango Salad, Mango pudding, Cheesecake and so many other desserts. Today we will make super easy Mango Smoothie Bowl.
Mango Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients to make Mango Smoothie Bowl:
  • Fresh or Frozen Mangoes (Cut in Cubes) - 2 Cups
  • Fresh or Frozen Banana (Cut in Slices) - 1 
  • Vegan/Dairy Milk or Yoghurt - 1 Cup
  • Dates/Any Sweetener - 5 pcs.or as per your taste.
  • Dry Fruits - As per your choice
  • Blend everything to thick paste consistency.
  • Pour into a bowl.
  • Garnish with chopped mangoes, sliced bananas, granola, and dry fruits
  • Enjoy!
Mango Smoothie Bowl Preparation
Mango Smoothie Bowl in the making
Mango Smoothie Bowl
Mango Smoothie Bowl at home
How to make Mango Smoothie BowlMango Smoothie Bowl

If you are tempted to make this recipe, please do try it today itself and let me know in the comments section; how you liked it. Also, share your experiences or memories with Mango, would love to read.

Stay happy and Keep cooking! 


  1. Oh wow, Megha, this looks outstanding! I generally stick with strawberries and bananas on a daily basis and then I forget about all the amazing summer fruits! I think I will pick up some mangoes this week!



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