Authentic Punjabi-Aaoji Khaoji reviewed!

Wow! Just one word for this place, which offers best Punjabi food as per my knowledge. Based on the reviews, I had bookmarked this place for a long time. Today finally I made up my mind to visit Aaoji Khaoji. Easy to find location in Aundh.

Ambience:: They have two shops, one is kitchen and the other one is dining restaurant. Ambience is very basic. Small Entrance with 4 tables on the ground floor where on each table about 4 people can sit. And on the first floor also the space was really low. But don't go on the interior, the taste is what matters for a foodie! ;-) Right!? On second visit, I found they have also opened AC section for families. But I am yet to try it.
Food:: We were a group of 9 people, so had enough options to choose from. We ordered Dahi Vade, Cheese Chole Bhature, Aaoji Khaoji's Special Jumbo Thali, Paneer Tikka Parantha, Malai Kofta Curry and Lacha Parantha, King Size Aloo Parantha Thali, Gulabjamun with Rabdi, Masala Chach and Dry Fruit Lassi.
They have 2 options. One is normal parantha and the other is parantha thali. Normal stuffed parantha is served with dahi and salad. Parantha thali is a feast for people loving variety. It is served with chhole, dal makhni, dahi, salad.

Dahi Vade:: Soft, spongy vade with proper amount of dahi and a super delicious masala of red pepper powder, salt and black pepper powder makes it a must try dish.
Cheese Chhole Bhature::  Stuffed Cheese!!! What all can you ask for? A stuffed cheese chhole bhature plate is worth drooling for! Lip smacking spicy chhole with salad and loads of cheese in bhature. Never ever count for calories!
Aaoji Khaoji's Special Jumbo Thali:: I ordered Aaoji Khaoji's Special Jumbo Thali which included 2 big Wheat Lachcha Paranthas, Dal Makhani, Rajma, Chhole, Shahi Paneer, Bundi Raita, Dallop of homemade white butter, Salad, Veg Pulao, Papad and Gulabjamun. OMG! was the reaction when the thali was placed in front of me. It could feed even two people.
Wheat Lachcha Parantha:: Out of this world taste!!! They were wholewheat made fried in ghee, soft and crispy.
Dal Makhani:: Very nice desi flavour.
Rajma:: It was soft and for me it was average in taste.
Chhole:: Good
Shahi Paneer:: Super Yummy...Paneer was extra soft and fresh.
Boondi Raita:: It was good and best part was it was fresh and not sour.
Veg Pulav:: Fried Basmati rice with French Beans, Cauliflower, Paneer, Peas, made with desi ghee
Salad:: Nice Cabbage, Onion salad served with Masala Green Chili
Papad:: Urad Daal Papad..average taste
Gulabjamun:: Very soft and super yummy mixed with Rabdi
Paneer Tikka Parantha:: This was not thali; just a parantha stuffed with paneer, onion and spices. The size was enough to feed one. Served with dahi, dallop of homemade white butter and salad.
Malai Kofta Curry and Lacha Parantha:: It was on A La Carte menu and I ordered Malai Kofta with a Lacha Parantha. Melt in mouth kofta, made to perfection with mild gravy- not so sweet nor spicy. If in case, you are not in mood to try stuffed parantha, go for this. I bet you won't regret this.
King Size Aloo Parantha Thali:: Heard a lot about this parantha, but did not try it alone. Since, we were a big group, thought to give it a try. It was more than enough for 3 people. Served with Dal Makhani, Chhole, Shahi Paneer, Bundi Raita, Dallop of homemade white butter and Salad. You have to see the picture to believe it, This is the beast of all paranthas. A must have in case you are in group.
Gulabjamuns with Rabdi:: Now came the dessert, so we opted for Gulabjamuns with Rabdi, Gulabjamuns were very soft but Rabdi was little watery thus was not getting enough of its taste.
Dry Fruit Lassi:: Best pick was Dry Fruit Lassi in Patiyala glass. Awesome, thick Lassi with loads of dryfruits and a tint of rose syrup. Though, Chaach was not upto the mark.
Service:: Staff was quick. In case you have any doubt about what to order, you can ask them. They will suggest you. Though they were not very attentive and busy in their own chats.
Very easy on pockets. You can go for parties, anniversaries or even just casual lunch, you won't regret.
Recommendations:: King Size Parantha Thali. Cheese Chole Bhature, Aaoji Khaoji's Special Jumbo Thali, Malai Kofta Curry, Dry Fruit Lassi
Overall, for the food, I could definitely recommend this place.

Ambience: 2.5/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Find them at...
Shop 31, Raghukulnagari, Opposite Patil Complex, Ambedkar Chowk, Bopodi, Aundh Road, Aundh, Pune. Ph::020 30189624
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Let's Rock - Bottlerock Restaurant and Lounge reviewed!

Bottlerock is a super spacious restaurant and lounge creatively designed with cabanas,beautiful chair and tables with candles in the center. It is easy to locate on the foot of the hills of Sus - Pashan road slightly off Mumbai-Bangalore highway. It is towards becoming one of the most loved lounges in the area for its young crowd, cool ambiance and lavish bar.
Bottlerock is a one stop shop for a dinner with family, a romantic date-night or a birthday bash with friends.
Ambience:: It has two sections; one is Nisarg, which is for family and other one is a lounge for party goers. I have not been to Nisarg. In the parking only left side is Nisarg and right side is Bottlerock lounge. From outside, you can't define the "mahol" of the lounge. 
But as soon as you enter, you will be welcomed by neon lights and graffiti, with bottles creatively reused for a funky interior. Several bottles have been used to add to the d├ęcor of the place. Don't miss the quirky clock that has been made entirely using old bottles! 
They have an open space for bands where music is loud and catchy so that you can chill and dance with friends with cocktails/ beer in hand. Pool and fuss-ball are placed for gaming with friends. Seating is designed intelligently for people who come up with groups. My favourite is spacious cabana where footwear are removed and you sit as at home. (4/5)
Food:: Extensive multi-cuisine menu. Fantastic collection of beverages. Since we were a group of four people, we ordered variety of cocktails, mocktails, veg and non-veg preparations.(3/5)
Cocktails- They were so artistically decorated that one needs to think whether to drink or praise its beauty! Being a non-alcoholic, cocktails are out of question for me to review.
Orange Blance
Kiwi Martini

Traffic Jam
Pinacolada- Beautifully presented in the shell of Pineapple.
Spicy Girl- A bi-colored drink with perfect concoction of spice and bit sweetness topped with green chilli! 
Funky Tofi- A coffee and chocolate based drink which was good and not that great!
Non Veg Starters::
Prawns in Young Butter Garlic
Chicken Dum Kebab- No comment about the taste but it was cooked and served so traditionally that it surely caught everybody's eyes.
Chicken Shola Kebab
Veg Starters::
Nachos Mexicani- Loaded Nachos with cheese sauce, Cabbage was served with sour cream. It was good as far as quantity is served. Nothing attracted me to give it a second chance.
Paneer Shola Kebab- Paneer used was really nice. Platter served was colorful with perfect marination and great taste! 
Dahi ke Kebab- Not more than a bread roll. Stuffing was on a lower side. Taste was good. You can call it anything but kebab.
Main Course::
Chicken Lasooni
Chicken Nawabi Handi
Fungi-de-Pasta- Well prepared cheesy saucy penne pasta dish with mushrooms and olives served with garlic bread. A must try.
Mushroom Pahadi- Green colored gravy was mild and freshly prepared. Enough to fill two people. 
Nargis Kofta- The only dish that disappointed me. I had huge expectations, but was let down. Kofta was stuffed with paneer and fry fruits topped with cherries. Curry was salty and kofta was sweet. So the complete dish was on extreme taste. I would like to suggest chef to taste it before serving.
Lachcha Parantha and Butter Roti -Served perfectly. They were prepared like any other place.
Sizzling brownie with Vanilla ice-cream- All is well, that ends well. Sizzling Brownie was soo soft and fresh. It had a perfect balance of taste and freshness.
Service:: Staff was extremely courteous. Thumbs up for them! Food serving was also quick.The Chef was kind enough to recommend and prepare veg dishes out of the menu. He also briefed us about the preparations. However, I would suggest there is lot more scope on food.(3.5/5)
 Special mention about the food festival "Around the world in 30 days"organized by Bottlerock restaurant.It had a bit of cuisines of around the world starting from Momos to Kebabs to Thai Curry to Pasta to Burritos. Do keep in touch with them at 020 30162162 to know ongoing events. They are open from 7pm to mid night and sometimes late.
Overall, a nice experience. Thank you Sumitro for making this happen!

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