Arthur's Theme, Baner – New Menu : New Expectations! — Reviewed!

Lots have been written about Arthur's Theme, Baner-Balewadi High Street. Love their old style basic yet classy interiors. We all have known Arthur's Theme for the famous European cuisine with the interesting name of the dishes. If you find difficult to choose what to eat, they have four course set meal menu too. I love the fact that keeping the popular dishes untouched, they are ever innovating and incorporating new dishes onto the menu. I was eager to try the additions at the Arthur's Theme, Baner-Balewadi outlet.

Nothing much was changed in the soups. So we skipped to starters, I could read some newly added healthy and scrumptious dishes on the menu. First came was the Atlas. Hehe. I told you, names are so unique. So, the Atlas (Rs.220) was the crisp bite size toasties topped with black love pate and cream cheese. Taste wise it was a balance of sweet and savoury but somehow it lacked the flavours to make an interesting dish.

Greek and Quinoa Salad were two healthy inclusions to the Salad category. Such a beautiful plate it was of Greek Salad. Romaine, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, and olives tossed in vinaigrette, and topped with feta. The salad has the crunch of romaine and olives, sweetness of tomatoes, tangy with vinaigrette and salty with feta. One bite and the mouth is full of burst of textures and flavours. Loved it. Clean, quick and neat preparation. Recommended!

My favourite Quinoa Salad was next. It was full of flavours, just the way I like it. Quinoa, onions, cherry tomatoes, and gherkins topped with tangy minty dressing. Healthy and packed with taste.

An eye appealing dish, Julien, was served on the table. Crisp fried rolls stuffed with mushroom served with creamy potato mash and super yummy mushroom sauce. Potato mash was to die for, it was creamy and cheesy. The filling in the roulade needed more spices and the covering was bit thick for me. Though, no complaints with the mushroom sauce. The robust flavour and aroma was lip-smacking and went well with the roll.

Paul, came next! Hehe. The soft and velvety crepe stuffed with smoked gouda and pesto dipped vegetables. Loved the dip served over it. The crunch of veggies was there and the pesto consistency was good. Bit complicated to eat but don't hesitate to mess your hands.

Italian Lasagne, Angela, was served after a bit. The portion size was good enough. Pasta layered with veggies in bechamel sauce were nice. I found the pasta sheets edges to be bit undercooked though the centre portion was nicely done. Little more seasoning did wonder.

Quinoa Risotto, Philip, was one of my favourite in the main course. Creamy, cheesy quinoa was cooked with mushroom and bell peppers. The texture was grainy, cheesy and the taste was subtle. The Risotto was soul-satisfyingly delicious. Recommended!

Funghi or Mushroom Pizza is all time favourite. Basic yet scrumptious combo of mushrooms, olives and cheese. I am in love with the thin, crispy crust pizza. So, scrumptious it was. Recommended!

Two dessert inclusions had Banoffee Pie Tart and Chocolate ball. I love tarts. Fresh bananas, cream, toffee filling on a crumbly biscuit base in the tarts were sheer indulgence. The flavour of banana was off course evident and the sweetness was balanced too.

Dark Chocolate Ball was a piece of art, a surprise package. Big Chocolate sphere presented and poured with piping hot chocolate sauce and what we see inside? a choco-vanilla mousse. Death by chocolate! Highly Recommended!

So, this was the snapshot of new veg entrants in the Arthur's Theme Balewadi menu. I am sure you will enjoy the place and food. Do visit the place for some cosy dinners! Share your experiences in the comment below.

Street Food Festival – At the comfort of five star — Reviewed!

What: Street Food Festival
Where: The Eatery, Four Points by Sheraton, Pune
When: 10th June 2017 to 17th June 2017 ; Dinner Only
Cost: Rs.1050 + taxes

Who doesn't love street food? India is famous for its spicy, tangy, savoury, sweet street foods. While walking or shopping, the small carts selling pani-puri or vada pav surely tempts you to try atleast one plate of it and am sure, the temptations doesn't stop at one...:) I really crave for samosas, bhajiyas, tikkas at any point of time but the temptations are double folded during monsoons. To provide hygienic and delicious street food at the comfort of five star, Four Points by Sheraton, Pune has come up with the 8-days "Street Food Festival" at The Eatery.  They always have something interesting in their kitty for the patrons, be it the Mango Festival at the Eatery the last year or the Oktobrunch in the winter or even the South Indian Food Festival. Well, this year, the Street Food Festival is a bundle of surprise.

There are five live counters at the Eatery apart from the array of regular buffet. Few live counters are set up Beyond the Eatery to enjoy the weather with the scrumptious hot plate of your favourite food. The counters are of Chaat, Grills, Chinese, Bhajiyas and Paranthas and the menu there is unique everyday so even if you go one day and plan to go just the next day you will be surprised by the variety of street dishes they have to offer.

I started with my favourite favourite Pani Puri, Bhelpuri and Dahi Puri. I had it spicy offcourse you can ask for your preference. The puris were served in the natural leaf-made bowl. The Dahi Puri was crispy, tangy and sweet with delicious tamarind chutney. Bhelpuri was again spicy and just suited my palate. It has the crunch and the 'chataka' taste.

Rains were complimenting our dinner and trust me those bhajiyas were bliss in that weather. Assorted crispy bhajiyas of potatoes, chillies and aubergines, were just so lip-smacking. I bet you just can't stop on one plate. The baingan and potatoes bhajiyas were soft and fluffy while green chillies were fiery.

Tandoori Paneer was next on the table. Nicely marinated paneer were grilled to perfection. Texture was nice, medium spiced paneer was delicious. Also, could not resist the chinese dish from the tak tak chinese counter. Had Veg Chowmein and oh wow! It was so so good. The balanced amount of veggies and spices made this dish my favourite dish of the evening.

We were stuffed for the main course so moved directly to the desserts. Though main course had balance of veg and non-veg dishes. Desserts had good options too with an equal weight of Indian and western dishes like Pastries, halwas, barfi, pudding, to name a few. I tried Dudhi Halwa, Fruits Crumble, Dry Rasgulla and Coconut parcels. Liked all of it.

Overall, a wonderful experience especially in the monsoons. Do and try their delicacies and share your views in the comment box below. 

Keep hogging and Enjoy more photos! :)