Yin Yang – One stop for Oriental Cuisine in Kothrud — Reviewed!

Finally, Kothrud is flourishing with some good food joints and one of them is recently opened, Yin Yang. Located in the Happy Colony, the place will definitely make you happy with its oriental cuisine. I would define Yin Yang as a small place but with really good food and overwhelming service! Parking can be an issue because of the ongoing road work. Indoor and Outdoor seating is available and outdoors are pleasant in the evenings! Small adorable Asian props add on to the vibes of the place.

The menu is quite extensive and a balance of veg and non-veg dishes. It ranges from delicious starters to soups, salads to sushi to dim sum and noodles. Some of the interesting dishes which caught my eyes were Veg Flambe, water chestnuts and Corn Rounds spoon, Nasi Goreng, Hand Pulled Noodles, Khow Suey, Eight Treasures Stir Fry, Futomaki Rolls and Crystal Dumplings. I wish they had more dessert options apart from the Darsaan. We tried the following...
  • Cashew Tofu Stir Fry (5/5)
  • Mushrooms sauteed with water chestnuts (4.5/5)
  • Yin Yang House Uramaki Rolls (4/5)
  • Crispy Onion Carrot Tempura Uramaki (4.5/5)
  • Crystal Dumplings of Asian Greens (4/5)
  • Khow Suey (5/5)
  • Darsaan with Orange (4/5)
If you are visiting Yin Yang then Cashew Tofu Stir Fry is a must try. Crispy coated silken tofu was just melt-in-mouth. Brilliant simple, super flavour-packed dish was sweet, tangy, spicy. Over-in-all a burst of flavours. Cashews added crunch and the Silken Tofu is worth a mention!

Mushrooms sauteed with Water Chestnuts was served next. Another brilliant dish. Tasted somewhat like the Tofu stir fry but the texture was bit different. Crunchy water chestnuts and juicy mushrooms were sauteed well in the spicy, tangy sauces. Liked it.

After trying Sushi at almost every place in Pune, I have certainly developed a palate for it. Quite excitingly, I ordered Yin Yang House Uramaki Rolls. Soft, white rice enveloped creamy avocado, fresh cucumber, cream cheese served with Gari (pickled ginger) and wasabi. It was fresh and delicious but lacked the punch. Though, it was a nice attempt.

Next was Crispy Onion Carrot Tempura Uramaki. Delicious, crunchy tempuras rolled in sticky rice. It had crunch and mild flavours. Nicely made.

One of the most popular Dimsums/Dumplings were really good too. We tried the Crystal Dumplings of Asian Greens. Beautiful translucent dumplings with greens had the right amount of veggies and flavours. It was pillowy soft and scrumptious in taste. Can't stop eating at one!

Another dish that blew my mind was the Khow Suey. We had it pre-made otherwise each element is served separately. You can mix and match as per your palate. One given to was perfectly suited – mildly spicy, creamy, crunchy, delicate with contrasting flavours. Superb! Highly Recommended!

The only thing that surprised me was the choice of dessert. There was only one item – Darsaan (Fried Noodles) served with the choice of topping (Strawberry/Orange/Ice-cream). Darsaan itself was very good. We tried Orange one that means Darsaan were topped with Orange Syrup. Not too sweet nor soggy. Went well with the scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream.

Overall, Yin Yang looks promising. A must visit place for delicious Thai Curries, Khow Sueys, Dimsums, Sushi, Nasi Goreng, and Silken Tofu.

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Sabores European Bistro – Romantic Rooftop with delicious food!

Sabores means "flavours" in Spanish and the rooftop Sabores European Bistro located bang opposite Idea Showroom on Bhandarkar Road surely lives up to its name. The romantic set-up located on the top floor is surely a perfect place to date or hang-out with friends or for a casual dinner with family. Minimal interiors, hanging lights, fresh bougainvillea plants, frames adorning the walls, and a cabana for personal space are some of the features of the bistro.

The menu is as good as what you expect from a European restaurant be it Bruschetta, Arancini, Quinoa Salad, Soups, or Classic Sandwiches, Pastas, Gourmet Pizzas, Garlic Bread, Moussaka, Cottage Cheese Steak to name a few. Talented Consultant Chef Anish Dutta has curated the entire menu and I was quite excited to try some of his recommendations...
  • Watermelon Spritzer (3.5/5)
  • Lemon and Coriander Falafel (4/5)
  • Peperoncino Arancini (4.5/5)
  • Spiced Veggies Pizza (4.5/5)
  • Cottage Cheese Steak with Olives and Cilantro Tapenade (5/5)
  • Oreo Shake (4.5/5)
  • Tiara Maria (4/5)
We went there for an early dinner. Amidst the cool breeze, chirping birds, setting sun, tranquil sky, we started our meal with the refreshing Watermelon Spritzer. A nice thirst-quencher on a hot summer day. However, I would recommend Lemon-Mint Mojito over the spritzer.

First on we were served the Turkish Delight – Lemon and Coriander Falafel. Beautiful presentation. The quarter pita bread was topped with crispy yet soft falafels garnished with mint aioli and pomegranate seeds. It was quite flavourful. Recommended!

Other antipasti – Peperoncino Arancini was served next. Classic Italian rice balls stuffed with cheese served over the pasta sauce. Nothing could go wrong! Medium-spiced crispy fried arancini balls with cheesy center were one of my favorites of the evening. Highly Recommended!

Ordering Pizza at a European Bistro is a must. We tried Spiced Veggies one. Topped with roasted bell peppers, chili, jalapeno, olives red onion and finished with cheese, the pizza was super delicious. The thin crust was adding on the crunch. Loved every bit of it! Recommended!

My most favourite dish of the evening was the Cottage Cheese Steak with Olives and Cilantro Tapenade. It was not only filling but a burst of flavour in the mouth. Soft, melt-in-mouth yet crunchy Cottage Cheese Steak/Patty was overloaded with the saffron sauce and served with Pilaf rice and the side salad. The sweet-creamy-subtle sauce over the crisp patty was a real treat! Must Must try! Highly Recommended!

Concluded our meal with the luscious, thick creamy, not-too-sweet, filling Oreo Shake. We also tried Tiara Maria, liquor based chocolate dessert, which for me, as a teetotaler, was not a good choice. I wish to try some more desserts.

Overall, the staff was efficient and proactive, food was good, ambiance was lit. A perfect setup for a meal with friends and family.

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