Italy via Punjab – Long way to go! — Reviewed!

Italy via Punjab – the name somehow gives the sneak peek to the theme of this small newly launched restaurant at NIBM Road. Located in the prime location near Nine hills, the place is easy to find. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating space. Evenings can be spend outdoors but Indoors are the better choice for the scorching summer noons. As soon as you enter, you can see the 'desi' style decor, typical dhaba style rustic and raw interiors like carts used as the table, barrels transformed to the chairs, charpai, quirky frames, colorful cushions, planters, and big coolers. Overall, a very Punjabi feel is given to the restaurant.

Menu consists of Indian, Italian, Continental, European, Mughlai with the choices of fusion food. If you wish you can ask for the regular dishes as well. Currently they are running exciting combo offers on meal for 2 or 4 people. Also, there are daily promotions too. I was really eager to try the fusion food here. I opted to sit outside and sadly it was a bad decision. Hot winds and heat was unpleasant. Nevertheless, I was looking for the food. Chef Ninad Joshi, who is also the owner of Italy via Punjab, suggested me few of the dishes to try.

My lunch meal started with Tuscan Tomato Shorba. Presented beautifully in the crescent shaped cup, the Shorba was the Indian twist to the Italian tomato broth. It was thick, spicy and had the hint of garlic, pepper and ginger. Loved the herbs used.

I have a small appetite so asked chef to bring small portions in a platter to try more varieties. My veg platter had Jalapeno and Cheese ke Samose, Paneer Pepper Parsley and Dahi ke Kebabs. Jalapeno Cheese Ke Samose were sort of patti samosa with gooey, mushy, cheesy filling. Samosa was soft and the filling was delicious. A fusion of the most popular Indian snack with the Italian ingredients. Recommended!

Paneer Pepper Parsley was again a dish with the twist. Sadly, it failed to impress me. For me, the pepper was overpowering the dish and could not find the 'fusion' in it. Just the cottage cheese was slathered with oil and grilled with some minimal herbs. Adding some more of parsley and spices could have made this better.

Dahi ke Kebabs are their signature for usual reasons. They are just melt in mouth kebabs. Crisp outside, mushy inside with perfectly balanced Indian spices. Highly Recommended!

Wanted to try something from Salad, so ordered Winterwash Vegetable Salad. Exotic vegetables with garlic balsamic dressing, lettuce and lebnah dressing sounded something exciting but the presentation and taste could have been worked upon. I would avoid this in my next visit.

Pastas had two variants - Desi and Videsi. Again a fusion dish - Penne Kadhai,the name appealed me so I was quite willing to try. Penne was sauteed in capsicum, crushed coriander and spices. Nice spicy, sweet flavours. Base was of Indian curry; the twist was adding the penne. Nice attempt. Recommended!

Paneer Tikka Cannelloni was my next main course. I loved the presentation. Rolled pasta stuffed with paneer tikka filling in white sauce was scrumptious. The filling was grated paneer, spices and a wonderful combination overall. Dish was very filling, cheesy and heavy. A perfect main course. Highly Recommended!

I was too full to have dessert. But their Chai Pannacotta or Baked Lassi are on my list for my next visit. 

Overall, a nice place to enjoy food. However, I want to get surprised by some kick-ass fusion recipes. As the chef mentioned meat lovers can have a feast as most of their popular recipes are non-veg. Hopefully to see some lovely recipes for vegetarians too.
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Vigour Kart – Healthy Eating — Reviewed!

Eat Healthy! Its easy to say but do we really get good options in the Indian market? When it comes to fast paced life, forget healthy, we do not even take the daily nutrition. In order to transform eating habits, we need a lot of determination and quick access to the healthy food.

With the thought in mind to provide easy availability and lot of options in healthy and tasty food, Fedora Fernandes, a woman entrepreneur, has came up with the idea of Vigour Kart. So, located on the BT Kawade Road, Vigour Kart has lot of healthy products like Puddings, Brownies, Ice-creams, Energy Bites, Butters, Chocolates and Mousse which are delivered all over Pune. All of the products are Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Dairy Free. Some healthy substitutes like Almond Milk, Coconut Milk, Honey, Maple Syrup is used.

I recently tried...
Mango Smoothie: Being a seasonal fruit, this has to be on the menu. Fedora is quite brilliant in incorporating season's favourite in her dishes and creating something innovative out of it. Mango Smoothie is made with coconut milk, bananas and Mangoes blended into thick shake and presented with Mango chunks, topped with Cranberries. Balance of sweet and tart was visible. Love this. Recommended!

Coconut and Pomegranate Chia Seed Pudding was the basic one and could not impress much with its base. Though it is heavy and can be substituted with any meal especially breakfast but it could be more exciting to see more flavours in it.

Who doesn't love chocolates? Best combination of health and taste was the Dark Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding. With first spoon of it only, you can feel the indulgence. Yummy chocolate topped with almond crush was balancing the sweetness with the crunch. Highly Recommended!

Rose Tea Chia Pudding
looked appealing but somehow lacked the flavour of tea. A different refreshing taste. The rose petals on the top was adding visual appeal.

Guiltfree butters? Yes, Fedora has done a great job here. Almond Butter and Chocolate Butter are two variants available as of now. Both had beautiful grainy texture however I somehow missed that nutty flavour in Almond one. Chocolate always make us happy and so did this chocolatey butter. With perfect sweetness it can easily replace usual butters. Loved this!

Flour-less Chocolate Brownie is another creative dish. Loads of Dates, almonds were used to make the base of the brownie and then coated with the chocolate ganache. The shine was nice, texture was chewy. Overall, a guiltless dessert for all chocolate fans.

Out of many icecreams, Vigour Kart has, The Cranberry Ice-cream, we tried was heavenly. For the natural sweetness, bananas were used which had the strong taste. Bits of cranberries were adding texture. Loved it! Just a perfect post meal dessert one would want.
So, guys go ahead and ask for the daily, weekly subscription. If you want to try once, you can even order one bowl of it. Prices starting at Rs. 250 for 500ml pudding. Check out the menu at Zomato to know more.

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