Meraaki Kitchen - Art, Passion and Soul! — Reviewed!

Meraaki such a different name! It comes from the Greek name which means, labor of love or to do something with pleasure! Quite apt to it's name, Meraaki Kitchen is a soul, a passion of two young girls - Shivika Kothari and Neha Deepak Shah who dare to chase their dream. Shivika has studied her Hospitality Administration while Neha is the first runner up of Masterchef India Season 4.

Ambience:: Nestled in the busy civil lines area of Jaipur, the place still maintains the serenity. Parking area is enough. The raw texture, stone finish, artefacts, contemporary wall art attempts to break out of the deep-rooted stereotypes of a restaurant interiors. Apart from the banquets, the place will give you variety of seating options, be it indoor or mezzanine or even outdoors with natural air flowing. Outdoor seating had small swing cane chairs, comfortable sofas. The carefully curated art, artefacts, architectural elements and music add to the overall experience of the space.

Food:: I preferred to sit outside, had few chit chat with Neha about her experience, story behind the place, the challenges and more. Post conversation, we moved on the most important part – Food! The Menu is quite simple. Basic dishes with a little twist, fusion and the artwork. Menu is categorized under Small Plates, Large Plates, Brunch, and Desserts. You can also relish some fusion food like Naanizza, Pav Bhaji Fondue, Sev Puri Tacos, Sarso Saag Galouti, Samosa Thouk, Kadhi Chawal Risotto to name a few.

Meal started with some amazing appetizers. Biryani Arancini to start with, were served on a marble tray. As the name suggests, Cheese stuffed biryani balls were to die for. The crunch of coating, the flavours of biryani inside and the achari mayo made it irresistible. Balanced flavours and the presentation was excellent. Highly Recommended!

Papdi Chaat was another masterpiece on my table. Keeping the basics same, we could see the molecular gastronomy on the plate. Papdi with aloo masala and chutney foam! Just melt in mouth. One of its kind chaat. One piece, one bite and you will be left to ask for more. Highly Recommended!

Vada Pao Sliders were next! Vada Pao in the slider form with a green chilli on top and spicy peanut chutney to go with it. Loved it too.

Tornado Fries is a popular street food in South East Asia. Spiral potatoes fried to perfection and seasoned with in house spices. The delicious, spiral, crispy, curly fries will surely wake your taste buds up. Recommended!

From Non Indian Small Plates, I had Bruschetta. Again, basic yet classic dish, bruschetta was given a twist of Pesto foam and Balsamic Caviar. One bite and burst of flavours in your mouth. Subtle dish. Recommended!

Khaosuey was a part of the Non Indian Large Plates. A Burmese inspired noodle curry served with array of different contrasting condiments. Warm noodle curry with all the aroma and flavour of coconut milk. One pot meal was enough to satiate the taste buds. Highly Recommended!

I was just so stuffed and had no space to try some lip-smacking dishes. But as we all know, we have a separate space for desserts...:) So, ordered a Magnum Madness. The plating itself was so artistic. I was in two minds whether to eat or praise that beauty. Gooey Brownie with magnum icecream, gems, crumble were not only balancing the taste but also enhancing the crunch and adding colors to the plate.

If you haven't visited this place, do visit it for a experience. I am sure it will be a mesmerising experience to have a hearty meal with your family and friends.
27, Madrampura, Ajmer Road, Civil Lines
Jaipur - 302006, Rajasthan, India
Ph:: +91 97594 48890
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Mojo Pizza – Delicious Pizzas home delivered! — Reviewed!

Pizza is love! Rightly said, "There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza in your hand!" Apart from so many global brands of pizzas in India - be it Dominos, Pizza Hut or Papa John's, it is great to see local brands are also catching up the pace. Mojo Pizza seems to be a promising start up with amazing range of pizzas. So, what make them special..
  • Economic range
  • Loads of Toppings
  • One Size - 10" medium
  • Fresh Base with added herbs
  • On Time delivery
  • Easy to Order
  • Amazing Offers

Economic Range because the pizzas starts from Rs. 190+ taxes and that too a medium range 10" pizza. Isn't it worth a try? And if you want more cheesy, add on Cheese Blast base with just an extra of Rs.90. Still it is pocket friendly. A single pizza is easy to totally fill your tummy and I am sure, you don't wanna share.

Generous toppings make it more desirable. You can customise those too. I love Jalapenos and Olives! What about you people? Surely worth every penny! What I liked quite different is the slowly risen base with added herbs which makes it light, and not chewy. Every bite has the flavour. Those toppings and the base and that too cheese blast..your meal is sorted!

I would also like to mention the proactive staff and the on time delivery of the pizzas. We ordered from the Bavdhan branch and our Pizzas were delivered 5 minutes before the scheduled time and that too hot and fresh! Oh, that aroma! Packing was intact and not messy. Well, you must be wondering, what did we order?

We are vegetarians and had equal amount of choice. So, here is what we ordered..
  • Farm Fresh with Cheese Blast
  • Some Like It Hot with Cheese Blast
  • Crowded House with Cheese Blast and
  • Choco Lava Cakes
Yes! Yes! I love it with cheese base and if Pizzas are there, they have to be cheesy! So, starting with the Farm Fresh Pizza with Cheese Blast (Rs.190+90). Very basic pizza yet classic. Crunchy onions, capsicum and tomatoes were generous and tasted best with that cheesy base. Very economic and worth every bite.

My most most most favourite of the lot was Some Like it hot! (Rs. 410+90) Why? Because, I am a spicy food lover and this pizza was all about hotness.Red Paprika, Spicy Jalapenos, Golden Corn, Capsicum,Tomato and Cheeeeese. Not toooo spicy though. With every single bite, I could taste the spiciness of Jalapenos and Paprika while its balanced with sweetness of Golden Corn. Not saying more, just go and try this one for sure!

Crowded House (Rs.490+90) as the name suggests is the party of toppings on the herbed cheesy base. Extra Cheese, Paneer Cubes, Spicy Jalapenos, Black Olives, Golden Corn, Capsicum and Onions is what can make your pizza perfect! Quite a heavy pizza.

So, after that heavy meal, I just gorged on the gooeing, flowing, chocolatey lava cake (Rs.60). It was hot, sweet and chocolatey, just the way, I like it. So yum!

As I mentioned about the offers, they are a steal. Check out on their website for some amazing buy. I am surely going to try other variants soon. Have you all tried it? If not, please try it today. I am not comparing the quality and quantity with any other brands. Mojo Pizzas have their own style of preparation which makes them different.
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Vaya Tyffyn Box – Stylish and advanced Tiffin box — Reviewed!

How many of us remember carrying tiffins to school and offices? We usually avoid to carry homemade food or tiffins because it gets cold. Just when I was searching for some newly innovated technology to keep food warm and fresh, I was approached by Vaya Tyffyn to review their product.

What I liked about Vaya Tyffyn is...
  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • Stylish
  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Copper finished 
  • Warm and Fresh Meal
  • Leakproof lids
  • Comparatively Thinner
  • High quality finish

Vaya Tyffyn comes into two sizes..1000 ml and 600 ml. 1000 ml is a 3 container lunch box while 600 ml is a two container, vaccum-insulated lunch gear that is good for small snacks or quick office grabs.

In the first look, it is quite impressive, elegant and stylish. Small 3 compartments in a 1000 ml are enough to carry variety of foods. I am glad now, I don't need to be worried about the temperature of the food. Frankly, I am yet to try for a longer time but I am sure Vaya Tyffyn box will exceed my expectations.

One more interesting part is it is compact in a way, that the bagmat converts into the tablemat with a cutlery pouch. The tablemat is easy to wash too. So, you just have to pack, carry and enjoy. Fold it again and you are ready to go! So easy. Even kids can carry and pack it easily. For them its the fun part. My small concern is it is bit heavy. I am sure 600 ml is easy for kids to carry.

People can choose from the variety of finish. I loved the maple one, but they have Graphite and Wool. Graphite is simple, basic, classic grey finish while the Wool is beautiful purple color. 1000 ml and 600 ml Vaya Tyffyn box is priced at Rs.2990 and Rs.1990 respectively which is a bit steep but totally worth of that style, hot food and technological innovation.

I am glad because now no more plastic tiffins, no more cold food. Vaya Tyffyn is a part of my daily routine. No more wastage of time to stand in queue to heat food in the office pantry. Also the spill-free option along with the mat gives me the freedom to eat at any comfortable place. Vaya Tyffyn boxes are strategically designed and caters everyone's need. This is an eye-candy and whenever and wherever you'll carry it, I am sure people will envy you.

Look no further, you can purchase this wonderful product from Vaya site.