World Burger Tour – Hard Rock Cafe! — Reviewed!

What: World Burger Tour 2017
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Pune
When: 1st June 2017 - 31st July 2017
Cost: A La Carte
World Burger Tour by Hard Rock Cafe is an annul event awaited by the people all across the globe. Hard Rock has never failed in innovation or distinctive offering. The culinary journey takes you on a trip to explore the local legendary burgers from around the world which are served with the fresh lettuce, tomato and paired with artisan French Fries and signature dipping sauce.

2017 is the third edition of the tour. Have you read my experience of previous year of World Burger Tour 2016? People can enjoy the festival all June and July as the tour hit tables at Hard Rock Cafe outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad beginning 1st June 2017 and will continue till 31st July 2017.

Last year and also this year, it was fun to taste the burgers which were inspired by the local taste and flavours. As I have mentioned in my last year's post, it is thrilling to know that 160 local burgers are evaluated by Hard Rock's culinary team and few of them make it to the lineup. This year around 7 lip-smacking burgers out of which 3 are veg and 4 are non-veg burgers made it to the menu which can be paired with the stunning cocktails. The burgers are as...
  • The Quesadilla Burger from Mexico (V)
  • The New Delhi from India (V)
  • The Rivieria Buger from France (V)
  • Tango Salsa Burger from Argentina
  • Lebanese Burger from Lebanon
  • The Sucker Punch from Las Vegas
  • The Tennessee BBQ Burger from Mephis, USA
I tried my hands on the veg burgers and the evening started with the fresh Quesadilla Burger. Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines and this has to be my favourite burger. Because of the huge demand, the burger continued this year too. The vigorous mix of sweet corn, beans, spices, polenta and vegetables flavoured with tangy salsa, cheese and topped with avacado and nacho straws. The burger had the spice, sweet, tangy, crunchy flavours and textures grilled patty. It had the freshness too. Scrumptiously paired with the crispy french fries.

The 'Desi' burger from New Delhi had all the freshness and bold spices. The Double Veggie Belly Burger gave the double joy of hogging. The Golden deep fried spiced veg patty was crisp and scrumptious while the other herbed lentil patty added power to the burger. Patties were layered with marinated tomato, tangy sauce and topped with spiced rocket lettuce for the freshness. Loved it. Recommended!

Last but not the least, The Rivieria Burger from France made its debut onto our tables. The burger had marriage of flavours and ingredients. A total medley of the rich flavours of the Mediterranean coast. Laced with spicy mango aioli, chimichuri cream, cheddar cheese and fresh slaw. Patty was crisp grilled, packed with taste. Recommended!

The burgers starts at Rs.399+taxes.

Please do visit and share your experiences in the comment box below...:) Would love to read from you.

Faasos – Signature Wrap and more! — Reviewed!

Faasos has been my first choice to have pocket-friendly rolls and meal box. Recently, they also started the breakfast range and revived the new menu with the signature wraps. I tried the Veg Jumbo Wrap, Chhole-Kulcha, Exotic veggies in sunset milano, and Kesar Muesli.

The delivery was 30 mins before time and everything was neatly packed and spill-free. I started the lunch with the Exotic Veggies in Sunset Milano Salad (Rs.129). It was a medley of colors and total value for money. Green Salads with carrots, peppers, jalapenos, olives, bell peppers, lettuce, onion and salad dressing was a healthy way to start the meal. Total value for money. That salad was a meal in itself...:)

Next was the Veg Jumbo Wrap (Rs.199). Bit overpriced. The wheat roti wrap was overloaded with the paneer curry, chholey, and veggies with loads of sauce. The filling was oozing out of the roll and made it tedious to eat. Taste wise, it was perfect! Bit spicy, tangy, savoury. Loved it!

Really was eager to try Chhole Kulcha (Rs.109). It was warm and served with tamarind chutney to add extra binge. Chhole was cooked perfectly with right amount of spices. I found the quantity of chhole less as compared to Kulchas. Kulchas were warm and soft but tasted more like pav, though, tasted good. Overall, a nice meal.

Lastly, had Kesar Mueseli (Rs.59) to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. The quantity was less. Taste was good had the crunch of almonds and goodness of mueseli. Healthy and tasty.

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Papacream – All scream, Ice-cream! — Reviewed!

Nitrogen Icecream is a fad these days. We all have grown up eating candies and cones but never thought the science of making ice-cream will take a different dimension. The idea behind nitrogen icecream is to avoid ice-crystals by rapid freezing of the mixture. It is soft and silky. Loved by children, so many interesting recipes can be made out of it.

Just a handful of brands are serving such kinds and one of them is Papacream, which is owned by Tanvi Chowdhri. With 3 popular stores in Mumbai, they have expanded their operations to Pune with the 4th outlet at Dhole Patil Road, Bund Garden Road. A small, cute outlet with indoor, outdoor seating has some quirky fun interiors. Ferris wheels, pink bicycle stools pull more people towards them. The live kitchen is the major attraction too, you can see your favourite ice-cream made right in front! And the best part, the ice creams are made using premium natural ingredients with no artificial colours, essences or preservatives.

The menu has some amazing classic and signatures with sweet and savoury ice-creams. You can have all appetizers, entrees, and dessert in the form of ice-creams. So fun na! With the delightful range of sorbets, premium, sundaes, waffles, milk-shakes and coffee, this place will surely not disappoint.

We started with the Salted Caramel Popcorn from the premium range. OMG! The process of making it seems so exciting. Homemade salted caramel ice-cream on the base, made in front of us topped with smoking cold popcorn and drizzled with caramel sauce. The cup of happiness, I would say. Crunchy popcorn with the sweetness of caramel and ice-cream was just the best combination.Recommended! I too wanted to try Bubblegum Candy Floss but had to control the sugar rush as I was looking forward to more delicacies.

Next from the signature was the Jumbo Doughwich, a delectable cross of Doughnut and Sandwich. Such a creative concept. Doughnut layered with sinful Belgian chocolate ice-cream, whipped cream, crushed oreos, drizzled with fudge sauce, caramel sauce and dipping chocolate. It is death by chocolate and burst of textures and flavours in the mouth. The crunch of oreos, a sweetness of caramel, melt in mouth whipped cream and chocolates...what else do you need.

Another interesting twist to the ice-cream was the Pani Puri Sorbet. Yes, you heard it right. Cute little puri baskets topped with potato mousse served with the khatta pani sorbet. The taste of sorbet was a bit let down though puri was the grace. Sorbet was tangy and lacking flavours.

How could I miss the Belgian Chocolate Waffle Sundae? Yummy, crunchy chocolate bubble waffle topped with the luscious Belgian chocolate, hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream. This pairing can never go wrong. Ooh, that waffle and ice-cream! So Highly recommended!

Lastly, the wonderful afternoon concluded with the Blueberry Milkshake. Thick, creamy shake topped with whipped cream and crushed oreos. Perfect sweetness and texture. Loved it. Highly recommended!
Only thing was the service. It took way too long to serve us. It needs to be taken care of.

Overall, a wonderful place for not only the kids but also young audience or foodie who would like to experiment and try new things. Go and visit for a fantastic experience.

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COCO Sushi and Bar : Members only club – Class apart! — Reviewed!

Nightlife in Pune has gone to another level with the Pune's first ever Members only lounge - COCO Sushi and Bar. Embrace the opulence in Pune on the 12th Floor, Onyx Towers. The concept of COCO is laid by the owner Kunal Mhaske, a well-known restaurateur in Pune, who already has successfully established brands like Raasta Café & Penthouze in the city. His inclination towards black is evident in the decor of the place.

The entrance is quite dramatic, looks like perforating a different world. Lavish decor, dark ambiance, starry blinking lights along the side walls and the stylish chandeliers on the ceiling enhances the exclusivity and luxury of the space. Stunning interiors and panoramic view of the city is worth watching.

Sophisticated members can gather to wine and dine with the similar faces around and can party in a close knit social circle, which maintains the privacy and safety. Comfortable couches, private dining space, outdoor spaces, black and golden tone add to the sleek aesthetic. 'Golden Bee', the logo of COCO Sushi Bar, mounted on the central pillar, is the highlight of the restaurant. Right now, the membership is by recommendations or by calling the club directly.

COCO has an extensive range of Asian appetizers. Chef Jugal Pradhan is the man behind the menu. Right from the soups, salads, dimsums, dumplings, nigiris, sashimis, the portions are customized to individual servings and to offer a variety. The flavours are quite balanced and suitable for Indian palate.

We started with the..
Miso Siro Soup (Rs.120), a typical Japanese nourishing breakfast. Strong flavour of miso, though warm and comforting. A perfect way to start the meal.

My favourite part was the Sushi Rolls. I tried two of them...
California Sushi Rolls
Crackling Spinach Sushi Rolls
California Sushi Roll (Rs.300) is usually a meaty roll, but made in vegetarian with seaweed sheets, sushi rice, cucumber and cream. Presently beautifully with the pickled ginger and wasabi. The roll was fresh with perfect texture.

But I like crunch, so asked for the Crackling Spinach Sushi Rolls (Rs.300). And then came the eye-catching dish. The rolls of sushi rice filled with cucumber, topped with chilli mayo and rolled in crispy fried spinach crumbs. The crunch and taste was definitely there. Loved it!

Som Tam Salad (Rs.190) was up next. Made with Raw papaya, the salad is tangy, spicy and full of crunch prominent by peanuts and thai chillies. It was served in the Iceburg Lettuce bowl and loved the fact how with the first bite, all the flavours just burst in your mouth.

I was almost stuffed with the soups, rolls and salad but the love of tofu made me order the Lemongrass Tofu Saute (Rs.240). Crispy fried melt in mouth tofu sauteed in tangy, spicy sauces with hint of lemongrass, chilli and garlic.

Who would say no to Tempura Vegetables? Bell peppers, carrots, broccoli were deep fried and served with mayo. They were crisp and tasted lip-smacking. Recommended!

Done with the main course, I was eager to try the asian inspired desserts. They have selective choice – Sorbet, Mousse, Panacotta, Ice-creams to name a few. I tried Lemongrass Pineapple Sorbet. This was a treat in summer time. Citrusy pineapple and strong tint of lemongrass makes it a worth trying.

Wildflower Honey Panacotta was a perfect dessert for the evening. A must have. I liked the presentation and the taste. And how can I forget the sinful Smoked Chocolate Moussecake. It was heavenly. A must try!

COCO Sushi Bar also have the set meal menu which you can try, if you wish to go with the chef's choice. :) 
Bar will be open for dining on all evenings of the week except Mondays while the club nights will be on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 1130 pm onward.

Members can make reservations for their guests for dining from their registered mobile number, but will need to accompany the guests for club nights.

Address: 12th Floor, Onyx Tower, KP Annexe, Mundhwa, Pune
Time: Dinner: 7 pm to 11:30 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays
Club Nights: 11: 30 pm onward, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays

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