212 All Day Cafe and Bar – New Menu – Global Cuisines! — Reviewed!

Have been multiple times to 212 All Day Cafe and Bar, Pune– be it their Big Brunch, or Mexican Fiesta or Casual Dinner and they have never failed to amaze me with their innovative recipes and the prompt service. I have been visiting 212 All Day Cafe and Bar right from their opening at Phoenix Market City, Pune. Since then, they have always thrived to make their patrons happy.

Executive Chef Paul and his team have culinary adroitness. Not only the food was of great taste but the presentation too was at absolute finesse. Comfort food is served fresh all day be it breakfast, appetizers, poutines, salads, soups, platters, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, grills, pasta, sides, mains and desserts to finish. You are certainly spoilt by the choices 212 All Day Cafe and Bar has to offer. The restaurant has revamped the new menu on 23rd August 2017. The new menu is a comprehensive selection of the dishes which are inspired by the global cuisine. Following are the dishes I tried from the new menu...
  • Curried Potato Mille Feuille (4/5)
  • Eggplant Bruschettas (5/5)
  • Spicy Emmental Arrancini (5/5)
  • Kung Fu Fondue Poutine (4.5/5)
  • Avocado and Pomelo Salad (4/5)
  • Trio of Chips and Salsa (3/5)
  • Two Mushroom Burger (4.5/5)
  • Masala Paneer Scramble Sandwich (3.5/5)
  • Chettinad Cottage Cheese Pizza (4/5)
  • Green Pea, Baby Potatoes and Celery Cakes (4/5)
  • Truffle, Porcini and Buratta Risotto (5/5)
  • Ultimate Beetroot Gnocchi (4.5/5)
  • Tiramisu Eclairs (4/5)
  • Peanut Butter Pie (4.5/5)
Mille Feuille is basically a classic french pastry but since Chef always like to surprise us with his innovative creations, he created the Curried Potato Mille Feuille, a savoury version. One of the breakfast items, the three tiers of crunchy, crispy sheets layered with curried potatoes is served with veg stew, kokum lassi and coconut-chilli chutney. The potato filling was just like served with dosa. Perfectly spiced, I liked it with the stew. However, I found the portion size was smaller than compared to the price. Taste wise it was fantastic.

Amongst the appetizers, I tried Eggplant Bruschettas. Crusty toasted bruschetta brings out the deep taste of eggplant, brie. Topped with crunchy fried onions and to balance out the flavours, it also had fig to relish. Lovely super scrumptious dish. Recommended!

The irresistibly cheesy, gooey, delicious Spicy Emmental Arancini Balls were next on the appetizers. The Arancinis were filled with gooey emmental to make it soft inside and the outer crust was perfect crisp fried. Highly addictive and Highly Recommended!

Poutines were available with the multiple options. So basically, poutine is a popular dish made with french fries and cheese. We chose the Kung Fu Fondue Poutine. No Fondue though but the small popcorn bucket was fully loaded with crispy fried french fries, topped with loads of parmesan cheese sauce, schezwan tofu and chives. You literally need to deep to bring out the lovely flavours. It was quite filling. Lovely dish. Recommended!

I love their salads and so had to try the healthy salads. We opted for Avocado and Pomelo Salad which had the goodness of Arugula, peanuts and horse radish dressing. Bit tart, tangy, sweet this salad was a melange of flavours. Loved the combination of walnut chikki, avocado and pomelo. Loved it!

Chef's another take on Nachos was the Trio of Chips and Salsa. 3 flavours of Nachos like Beetroot, Spinach and Regular were stacked and served with distinctive dips like sour cream, guacamole, cilantro, chipotle, tomato and habanera salsa. Dips were very good and so were the nachos but somehow they failed to impress. It was more like bar-nibbles which you can munch while waiting for your order.

From the Burgers and Sandwiches, I tried the Two Mushroom Burger and Masala Paneer Scramble Sandwich. Served with crispy french fries and fresh salad, both were filling meal in itself. Mushroom burger was most scrumptious as ever. Crispy patty, loaded with melted gruyere cheese, this burger is a must have! Highly Recommended!

Masala Paneer Sandwich had paneer scramble, crispy potatoes and served with mint and raisin chutney. I wish it was bit grilled more and be more crunchy.

The 12 inches thin and crispy crusted Chettinad Cottage Cheese Pizza was served with the toppings of paneer chunks tempered with mustard and curry leaves. People who loves Indian toppings might like it. The crust was perfectly baked. I liked it.

From the grills, we tried Green Peas, Baby Potatoes and Celery Cakes. A very unusual preparation especially for vegetarians. Peas, sweet potatoes and celery patties were wrapped in the grape leaves, steamed, grilled and drizzled with demi glaze sauce. One needs to open the envelope and dig into the filling. Very nice intact subtle flavours.

We were too stuffed to have anything but couldn't resist Risotto and Gnocchi. The Truffle, Porcini and Buratta Risotto with black olives and crispy banana flowers was surely addictive. The buttery, creamy risotto is an epitome of comfort food. Highly Recommended!

Next was the Beetroot Gnocchi. Beautiful red colored gnocchi was soft and fluffy over the bed of spinach, shallots and orange zest curry. Some found it tangy while some salty. For me it was bit acidic but was worth trying. I loved it totally!

Now was the time for our desserts. We had Tiramisu Eclairs, which I was eager to try. Beautifully presented dish had mascarpone and coffee dust to give a tirmaisu twist to the eclairs. I wanted it to be bit more stronger however, the dish itself was sinful. I personally did not like the floral decoration over it. But otherwise, overall, a nice dish.

The Peanut Butter Pie was to die for. Chocolate Ganache, Peanut Butter pastry served along with the Vanilla Ice-cream. One bite and it is decadently dreamy. Oh the perfect balance of sweetness. Recommended!

Do try the new menu and share your experiences in the comment below. I love to read from you!

New Poona Bakery – Puffs, Kharis and more... — Reviewed!

We all have grown up eating NanKhatai, Cookies, Khari, with a piping hot cup of tea. Such a basic yet satisfying breakfast story. New Poona Bakery, started in the year 1967, is one of the oldest and largest bakeries in central Pune. The brand has taken over the bakery business to the another level. Apart from the sweet assortments, New Poona Bakery offers a large savory varieties like Pattice, Bread, Toast, Khari etc. Quite popular amongst youths, the cakes and spicy puffs are hot favourites.

Few days back, I received a goodie bag from New Poona Bakery and was asked for the review. So here are the things I tried....
  • Veg Pattice or Puffs
  • Chocolate Cream Rolls
  • Special Toast
  • Shrewsbury Biscuit
  • Maska Butter
  • Walnut Brownie
  • Jeera Namkeen
Flaky Veg Pattice/puff had nice medium spiced potatoes filling. However, since it was packed and delivered, the puffs were bit cold. However, I liked the overall texture and taste.
Chocolate Cream Rolls were super scrumptious. Crispy, Flaky outer layers from outside and gooey chocolatey filling inside. I loved the filling as it had the taste till the last bite.

I next tried Special Toast but somehow nothing was special about it. Found bit try though. However, it tastes good with tea. 

My one of the favourites from the goodie bag were the Shrewsbury biscuits. They are crunchy in each bite, buttery and the aftertaste of vanilla blows away the senses. So drool-worthy!

Maska butter were the big bite-sized butter crusted roundlets. Take a bite just like that, dunk in tea or even slather some butter over it to gobble. Hollow from inside, they are light and easy to digest.

I was bit unhappy with the Walnut Brownie. It had some peculiar taste which made me disinterested. Texture wise, it was gooey and crumbly. Nicely made.

The highly highly addictive thing was the Jeera Namkeen Biscuits. Oh My God! If you are there at NPB, do not forget to purchase it. The buttery, soft, melt-in-mouth biscuits are super super tempting. Highly Recommended!

Guys, I am sure, you must have visited New Poona Bakery, so do not forget to share your experiences with me. Love to read from you.
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Royal Flavours of Rajasthan – treat yourself at DoubleTree by Hilton! — Reviewed!

What: Royal Flavours of Rajasthan
Where: 3 Spices, DoubleTree by Hilton
When: 21st – 31st August, 2017; Dinner only
Cost: Rs.949++

Double Tree by Hilton is all set to host a Royal Flavours of Rajasthan at its 3 spices restaurant between 21st – 31st August, 2017. Chef Dharmedra from Hilton Jaipur will be present to prepare authentic Rajasthani cuisine. He personally curated the menu with the most delicious dishes highlighting Rajasthani Food Culture. Along with Chef Dharmendra, Exec. Sous Chef Joy was also there to enhance the culinary experience of the guests. The must try dishes include “Dal Baati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, Ker Sangri to name a few.The rich and spicy influence was evidence of the age-old recipes.

This exquisite food festival will transport people to the land of desert through its intrigued authentic Rajasthani decoration and restaurant personnel that will impart the feeling of having the authentic platter at the streets of Jaipur, Jodhpur or Udaipur. Apart from the rajasthani buffet spread, patrons can enjoy the live counter and desserts too. The menu is changed everyday so that you get to try something different everytime.

We tried the signature from the chef's menu...
  • Rajasthani Mirchi Wada
  • Sangri ke Kebabs
  • Bikaneri Bhujiya chaat
  • Bajre ki Raab
  • Dal Baati Churma
  • Rajasthani Kadhi Pakoda
  • Besan Barfi 
  • Mawe ki Gujhiya
Mirchi wada is my all times favourite, this street food is a common breakfast dish in some parts of Rajasthan. Bhavnagri Chillies are slit open and stuffed with the spiced potatoes, dipped in gram flour paste and deep fried. Tastes amazing in the monsoons. A must have for spice-lovers.

Sangri ke kebabs on the other hand were the combination of dried 'sangri', potatoes and spices. Medium spiced preparation were nice and twist to the regular sangri sabzi. Liked it.

How can I skip the chaat and that too when it is bhujiya. Bhujiya in this case were the Spinach fritters topped with spiced yoghurt, tomatoes, onions, and garnished with sev and coriander. It was a one addictive dish. Just can't stop after one. Tangy, Spicy, Sweet, Savoury all the flavours burst in your mouth with the first bite.

Raab is an appetizing dish, which is commonly consumed during winters and usually made with Bajra or millet flour. The warm, thick drink is prepared with the buttermilk and flour. Raab does have medicinal properties. The one served to us was slightly higher on the sour note. Texture and consistency were good though.

Daal Baati Churma were the star dish of the evening. A platter served of spicy moong dal, mild-sweet wheat choorma and ghee-drenched baati is the best thing to have when in Rajasthan. I loved the delicious churma as it was just the way I like it, mild sweet. The granulated textured dessert is heavy though can be eaten whole-heartedly because it is healthy and scrumptious. The traditional method of savouring this platter is eating the churma first and then the dal baati by mixing together.

We also tried Rajasthani Kadhi which is again a buttermilk preparation with fritters dipped into it. Assuming it was made with same buttermilk as Raab, this curry too was bit sour and extra tangy. Had it with the Khameeri Mutter Poori. That poori was so well made that you would not need any curry with it. So addictive. Fermented and deep fried pooris had the perfect flavour of peas and carom seeds. Highly Recommended!

Mewa Pulao were served in small pressure cooker. Veg pulao had generous amount of dry-fruits thus 'Mewa Pulao' and devouring them is truly a royal experience.

Desserts had Besan ki Barfi and Mawa ki Gujhiya. Traditional sweet made with the mawa (khoya) and dry fruits filling stuffed into the flaky crusted dumplings coated with sugar syrup. One gujhiya is enough to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings.

Guests can relish aromatic dishes ranging from Payaz ki kachori, Aloo matar ke saag, Besan ke gatte, Dahi aloo, Guwar, fali ro saag, Jaipuri kadhi, Bhindi aamchuri, Jodhpuri bhindi, Lal maas, Mohan maas, Boondi raita, Bajra ki roti, missi roti, jawar ki roti, paranthas, Balushahi, Besan ke ladoo, Churma, Feeni, Ghevar, Gujia, Seero, Jalebi with rabdi, Mawa barfi to name a few.

Be ready to be pampered and savour a royal feat only at 3 Spices. Share your experiences in the comment box.
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