Dinhsaw's Xpress Cafe – New Range of menu — Reviewed!

We all have known Dinshaw's as an ice-cream outlet but now we can see them in all new look cafe, Dinshaw's Xpress Cafe, which is ‘The Complete Ice Cream Experience’ by offering a range Exotic Sundaes, Ice Cream Cakes, Smoothies, Waffles, Crepes, Thick Shakes, Frappes, Iced Coffees along with an Italian / Continental Food Menu- Pizzas, Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches & more. Extending now, we can see new Parsi Food menu too.

Located in the prime location of Koregaon Park, the cafe is a bit cramped with seating of around 20 people in total for indoor and outdoor. Being a hot summer day, we preferred to sit inside the cafe. It was packed thus had to wait for few minutes.

The new introduction to the menu was the Parsi food, freakshakes, and some sundaes. Veg Dhansak, Veg Berry Pulao, Chicken Farcha, Chicken Dhansak or Mutton Keema Ghotala are some of their signatures.

Our lunch started with the warm cheese Garlic Bread. Plated on the Pizza tray, it was cheesy and served directly from the oven. Fresh and tasty! We waited for long to try the main course Parsi dish, Veg Dhansak (Rs.199) and Rice. Usually made with meat, but the vegetarian version was also scrumptious. It is a medley of fresh vegetables and lentil. I was glad to have it with rice and the spices were a bit on the higher note, which of course, I liked. The taste was awesome!

I was curious to try Freak shake and ordered Melbourne Cookie Freakshake (Rs.250). Mahn! That was huge! It was fully loaded with oreo cookies, kit kat, gems, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate shake. So sinful! A must try for the chocolate lovers! Recommended!

Next was the luscious The Chocolate Toffee Turtle (Rs.210). Long glass with a mess of chocolate, home-made caramel sauces, nuts, cookies, vanilla ice-cream and molten brownie ice-cream. Could it get more heavenly than this? So so yummy! I loved it to the core! Highly Recommended!

Churros are my all time favourite. Jenga Churros was our last dessert to try. Stacked on a plate were fresh churros, drizzled with fudge sauce, sprinkled cinnamon sugar and topped with Vanilla ice-cream. The plate looks messy but it was worth a try! Warm churros, chocolate sauce, and ice-cream. Can't get better than this. Recommended!

Service definitely needs improvement, though, apart from that, the food was very nice. I will go again for the Toffee Turtle, Churros, and Dhansak. Please do visit the place and share your experiences in the comment box. Would love to hear from you guys! :)

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Arthur's Theme – An Evening well spent! — Reviewed!

Arthur's Theme is not a new name to Pune. It is a European fine dine restaurant, satiating our taste buds, with over 20 years in the culinary world. It is a hot spot in Koregaon Park and to reach more crowd now, they have one more outlet at the happening Baner-Balewadi High Street (BHS).

Ambiance: First thing you notice is the Cross sign in the center, then you will see the European-inspired interiors like artificial plants adorning the wall, live bar area, neatly placed cutlery, brick walls, large paintings, shades of beige, matching upholstery and furnishings. The moment you enter and see the place, it is so mesmerizing, it virtually transports you to the another world. Mellow music in the background is pleasant too. Both types of seating options - pleasant outdoor seating with the fresh breeze flowing or indoors with AC and a feel of dining in a classy restaurant, are equally good.

Ample parking space is available in the building premises.

Food: Menu is quite elaborate with the unique names, though the description makes it easy to understand the content. To cut short the time in deciding what to eat, they have recently launched the set Four Course Meal plan. Each course is curated with the 4-5 signature dishes from the menu and guest gets to choose any one from each course. Decently priced at Rs. 799+taxes, patrons can opt for Soups/Salad, Starter, Main Course and Desserts.

Our evening started with some of the scrumptious dishes chosen by the owner and chef himself. First, we had Honey Mustard Salad, a warm salad surprisingly. It had sauteed bell peppers, blanched corn, mushroom and iceberg lettuce, honey and mustard dressing for the balance in taste. Bit sour, spicy and sweet along with the crunch of bell peppers and lettuce. Recommended!

Hawaiian Salad is a chicken based salad but the chef was generous enough to make it veg for us. Juliennes of bell peppers, pineapple tossed in Mayonnaise for sweet and tangy flavors. I loved the fact that each dish is thoughtfully done to balance the taste. Recommended! 

I wanted to try soups so we ordered two- Mushroom and French Onion. Both were good but my preference was Lady Ewen Mushroom Soup. Warm, thick, flavourful soup with that attractive green color. It had an intense earthy taste. Quite subtle. Recommended!

Starters came. I had high expectations with Don Quixote or Cheese croquettes. It was more like an Aloo patty with the bit of cheese served with mayo. The crispy covering of bread crumbs made up for it. Who doesn't love cheese, so do I, so I expect it to be more cheesy and gooey! It was quite heavy and a meal in itself.

Potato Skins was next. There was so much of taste and guiltless eating on that plate. Crunchy skins with peppers, herbs and spices made this dish irresistible and that mayo was to die for. Recommended!

Since I love spicy food, I had to try Joie, which is a combination of cottage cheese and mushrooms tossed in spicy garlic sauce. That color, the texture, the flavors – bang on! Paneer and mushrooms were coated and deep fried to perfection and tossed in a scrumptious sauce which had the strong but pleasant hint of garlic. Highly Recommended!

For the main course, we had Ferdinand and Venetia. On one hand, Ferdinand is cottage cheese and mushroom cooked in flavored sauce and served with rice while Venetia is the type of pasta served in the brown sauce with baby potatoes, cherry tomatoes and onions. Both had different contrasting flavors. Ferdinand is medium spicy and Venetia was bit on the sweeter side.

Our evening came to an end on a sweeter note with the Blueberry Cheese Cake. Rich, Velvety cheesecake topped with blueberry compote was the total indulgence. Loved it. It struck the right chord of sweetness. Perfect! Recommended!

One can also pair the food with the variety of wines, beers, cocktails, and mocktails. We had different mocktails – Princess Rita, Blue Moon and both were nice.

I recommend this place for quiet dinner with family and loved ones. It's cozy ambiance and vibes are to look out for. Do try their set menu and share your experiences here in the comment box. Would love to read from you.

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The House of Medici, Westin Pune – Everything Lavish — Reviewed!

The House of Medici, Westin has replaced the popular Kue bar and for good reasons. I was quite excited to know about the history and the story behind the place. The House of Medici replicates the royal feel of dining which was historically done by the rich Italian banking family turned royal house. Their wealth and influence were most reputed one and so is this all new culinary destination!

As soon as you enter the impressive hall, the first thing you notice is majestic chandeliers, along with huge black curtains, comfortable sofas, painted roofs, long bar area, wooden floor, grandeur Greek sculptures, small wood fire area which makes the place quite lavish. The staff is dressed alike mime artist to create uniqueness. The elegant d├ęcor, heart thumping live performances and the piquant contemporary menu makes this an ideal destination to celebrate life every day. Just feel the place, I would say!

We chose to start with some yummy mocktails, which were prepared by proactive, smiling Kishan, the bartender. One can choose from an extensive range of drinks from Smoked to Legends to Classic. I had the Castello which was the nice concoction of Pineapple juice, mint, ginger juice, lime. Nice, bit sweet, though. The munchies - Steamed Edamame and Veg chips were addictive and paired well with the drinks. 
The food menu is limited to appetizers, mini meal, and desserts but it is a perfect blend of modern day international cuisine along with the signature dishes. After some talks with the Chef Rishi Verma, I was glad our meal was planned with his choice of dishes.

We started with the first appetizer - Achari Kumbh, a mushroom preparation, mock of galaouti kebabs. Super soft, flavourful, medium spicy and delicate. They were served along with the coriander and mint along with some fresh flowers for the freshness. Recommended!

I was quite skeptical to try the Imli Karela (obvious reasons)! But this was the star dish of the evening. Crispy deep fried bitter gourd (Karela) tossed in sweet, tangy, spicy tamarind paste. Flavourful. Highly Recommended!

Ciabatta Invloltini was next. I had a different visual of it - the usual ciabatta. But this was Pepper fricassee stuffed in bread and pan fried, presented beautifully with onion tomato salsa. Medium spiced filling, crunchy bread outside is what you can expect from this dish.

Cute small envelopes of flavours were presented on the table and thy named it Jalapeno Empanada. Onion, Cheese, Jalapeno stuffed in soft shell empanada served with pesto sauce. Again a plate full of surprise. One bite and the taste buds are tantalised. I would have loved if jalapenos were more (I like it spicy). Overall a wonderful dish.

I was really looking forward to trying Mapo Tofu. A classic Sichuan dish nicely made. It is supposed to be spicy and it was. Fried Silken tofu poured with peppers and bean sauce topped with some micro-greens and scallions.Spice of all the ginger, pepper, garlic was evident. Loved it. Recommended!

A graceful plate of another main course, Vegetable Skewers with Chilli Mash. All exotic veggies like Broccoli, Cottage Cheese, Olives, Corn was marinated in perfect spice and grilled to perfection. To balance the dish was potato mash with the bit of chili flakes over which skewers were placed. Lovely presented dish.

Stuffed until brim, I did not want to anything but yes, for happy ending we opted for Chocolate Silk Cake. Just one word.WOW!! It was soo silky, smoothy and chocolatey and so beautifully presented
that I could not resist eating it. It was wiped in a couple of minutes! A must try! Highly recommended.

An evening to remember. Do try it for some lovely cozy time with friends and family. Worth visiting! And also big shout out to the House of Medici especially Manmeet, Arpan, Kishan and team. Do check out some more pictures and share your thoughts in the comment box...:) Would love to read from you!

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